Saturday, June 28, 2008

I spoke too soon

Things are not going well with my dad's health, so I canceled my flight home and will remain here in Arizona for awhile. So far I've survived the heat, but the monsoons arrived and right now I'm enjoying an amazing sound and light show of thunder and lightning. As long as there are no tornadoes, I don't mind the storms at all. (Our farm was destroyed by a tornado while we huddled in a tiny storm cellar when I was a kid.)

I've been going nuts with nothing to do with my hands, so I went to Home Depot, bought some electrical cable, sliced off the plastic covering, unraveled the copper wires inside, and now I'm practicing my wire wrapping skills on some very low-cost wire. I also found some Angelina fiber at a local store, so as soon as I can get to Tucson, I'll find a Michaels store and buy some translucent clay to play with.

So long for awhile.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Greetings from Arizona

I'm spending two weeks in Arizona helping my almost 90-year-old father with some health issues. This trip was unexpected, so I never had a chance to finish posting about my Quebec trip or to show pictures of my butterfly project. All that will have to wait. I apologize to everyone who has visited the blog and found nothing new. Assuming I survive the 110 degree heat, I will be back home and posting again during the first week of July.