Friday, June 20, 2008

Greetings from Arizona

I'm spending two weeks in Arizona helping my almost 90-year-old father with some health issues. This trip was unexpected, so I never had a chance to finish posting about my Quebec trip or to show pictures of my butterfly project. All that will have to wait. I apologize to everyone who has visited the blog and found nothing new. Assuming I survive the 110 degree heat, I will be back home and posting again during the first week of July.


fishwifery said...

While you are in Arizona, give Cheri Oshinsky, president of the AZPCGuild a call and attend their meeting as a guest this Saturday. Her number is in the Mesa phone book. It's in a lovely (air conditioned) room at a resort and if you can manage the drive there, it'll be fun. The gals (and maybe one guy) are fun. The meeting goes from 10 am to as long as you want in the afternoon, and includes some meeting stuff and Lynn Schmitt is doing a demo. they have lunch in the "golf lounge".
Tell them I sent you.
Pat Sernyk (aka Fishy)

Anonymous said...

Wondered what was up. Good that you can be there for your Dad. Take care of him, we can wait for your updates. Take care, Gail