Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back from travels

I had a marvelous time traveling in Egypt and Jordan over the holidays and now I'm working on the 2000+ photos I took! Eventually I will post photos somewhere on-line but for now, I'll show just a couple. I've always wanted to see the pyramids, and this photo proves I was there.

In Jordan, we visited the Dead Sea and decided to try the miraculous mud. It's supposed to make you look young and beautiful. I think our before and after photos prove it!




2 Good Claymates said...

Wow! That was some beauty treatment you had there! Do they sell this stuff by the jar? We wouldn't want to look THAT good (paparazzi and all you know!) lol!

Lucys Baby said...

WOW! What a Trip!
I found you through searching google for tutorials on polymer clay.
I found your post from May, where you experimented with liquid polymer clay. I started making dolls a few months ago, I'm going to Cabin Fever Festival in 2 weeks. I want to participate in their charm swap. I saw on Etsy a technique, I'm pretty sure the artist used liquid PC ad paper for this technique. I wonder it you'd mind taking a look at the charm and give me your thoughts on the technique? If you go to and type in Vintage Impressions under sellers you'll see the hearts I'm talking about. Really would appreciate your help!