Monday, July 12, 2010

Trip to Kauai

Quite awhile ago, DH and I purchased a one-time, week-long stay with a time-share outfit. It was a very low price for a place that rents for $400 per night, and the only hitch was that we had to listen to a 120-minute sales pitch aimed at getting us to buy time-share points. It's amazing how l-o-n-g 120 minutes can be! But it was worth it because we had a great time. And thank goodness for frequent flier points which got us there for free.
We were on Kauai, the garden island, which is the wettest of the islands. Even in the dry season, there are lots of waterfalls and the rivers are full.

We drove up Waimea Canyon, the "grand canyon" of Hawaii, and stopped to enjoy the views.

The road ends and to get any further, you have to hike. The ocean side of the mountain was shrouded in thick fog and the trail was muddy and very slick in spots, but we hiked a mile to the "viewpoint" in hopes that the fog would go away. In the photo below, you can see the ridge we were aiming at in the upper right corner. You can also see the famous red dirt of Kauai in the foreground. The big hiker with the hat is my hubby.

The ocean side was still socked in, but I got one nice shot into the canyon.


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