Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More on Kauai

During our days om Kauai, DH and I found a great place for breakfast on the south shore called Joe's on the Green. This cheerful character, a red crested cardinal, waited not-too-patiently for us to finish our banana pancakes (with coconut syrup). Yum.

About one quarter of the Kauai coastline is inaccessible except by long and strenuous hikes or by boat, although the boats are not supposed to land. Not being in tip-top shape, we opted for a boat ride along the Napali Coast. The scenery is spectacular with mountains coming right down to the water, isolated beaches, and many caves. In a couple of places, the boat went right into the caves and right under a waterfall. (No pics of that particular waterfall because my camera was under my rain poncho.) Some friendly dolphins had a great time playing in the bow wake of our boat.

Back on land again, we explored a blow hole on the south shore

Secret Beach (which is listed in all the guide books) is on the north shore.

We had a rainbow right outside our condo. I ran as fast as I could, but the pot of gold was gone by the time I got there.


2 Good Claymates said...

Wow! Did you take those photographs? They are awesome! The cardinal is so cute!

Cynthia Blanton said...

Thanks. Yes, the photos are all mine.